Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ahoy!! Belay yer carousin' and haul on over me matey!!

I love pirates and of course they're way cooler than ninjas!! Even though its not "talk-like-a-pirate day" yet...why not use a few AAaarrr's in the middle of a conversation just for fun. My best friend and I thought that for some reason on St. Patricks day we should say AAAarrrr! I think we share a pirate gland somewhere in our brains! Recently I've been working on a pirate birthday package that will include a pirate ship centerpiece, invitation, food labels and goodie favor tags! It's going to be an addition to my current vintage style pirate banner and cupcake toppers so I'll be sharing those items as soon as I get them photographed. Also if you want to learn to speak pirate head on over to Mango Languages they are now offering a free on line course til June 30th!! Impress your fellow 'swashbucklers' Aaaarrr!!!

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