Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Wonderland + something for the grownups!

A winter birthday is super sweet if you're surrounded by snow, penguins, polar bears and everything that glistens in the cold wind!! How to bring all that into your home in Southern California? My new Winter Wonderland line of paper goods might help :-) I designed a double stranded birthday banner made out of three layers of snowflakes, boy and girl penguin cupcake toppers that I inserted in delicious mini donuts in a bed of shiny pearls, and scalloped snowflake toppers to match the theme. It was so much fun creating this line because I love aqua and pink together - just so delicate and pretty.

So in response to some of you that have contacted me to make more adult is a sweet start...

The winter bird cupcake toppers on a berry branch to top those delicious holiday party sweets for the office or home.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not too late!

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I have been very stressed all month but today I find myself more at peace. Thanksgiving was truly wonderful this year...just so much to be thankful for and having my mom, dad and Jorge next to me was a real blessing. Earlier this month someone whom I love so much was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. A series of events followed that news...trips to the hospital, an 8 hour surgery, a scary recovery and therapy and just when I was exhausted from worrying my prayers were answered. The day before Thanksgiving we got the news that the cancerous tumor had need eradicated and finally tears of happiness came. I couldn't be happier and so thankfull for all the support I got from Jorge, my coworkers and my best friend when I broke out crying in the middle of the cafeteria. So I look forward to continuing my focus in school, my business and best of all enjoying the company of my family and close friends. I can't wait for Christmas!!