Friday, July 31, 2009

A Happy Anniversary...

Not mine...not anyone I know, but the idea of what marriage is really all about has been on mind lately. The idea of loving someone till death and beyond is a feeling that for some is hard to grasp. Loving someone other than themselves sounds awfully strange. To others is a entire life of happiness. My husband and I have only been married for a little over 2 years and we can't even begin to imagine our lives without each other. Is it just the beginning? Is it that as anniversaries come and go people metamorphosize into a strange being that their lover no longer knows? I like to think that time and trial and error only makes you stronger. But when things go wrong how long does it take before you stop tripping over the same rock that you have been for the past 35 years? When do you stop forgiving for the wrong reasons? One day I heard that it is getting "used" to someone that enables you from letting go, not love. I was devastated. I like to think that love remains strong in our heart as long as we embrace it everyday and feed it positive energy through compassion, respect, and shutting up when you're right! For those that have been married for a day or those that have been for 75 years embrace it for what it truly is...a marriage. A beautiful thing...Happy Anniversary.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A sweet baby shower

My God this weekend was amazing! Hot hot weather just the way I love it and a sweet success to savor. It all started on Saturday morning when I delivered 4 diaper cakes to a client at a baby shower happening off Mulholland Dr. I got a call about 2 weeks ago from a classy lady that wanted to use them as center pieces for an elegant affair. I was a little nervous making these because I knew they'd be the center of attention but I went with a couple of themes that worked out really well. I made a jungle, sports, duckie and a frog theme diaper cakes! I had a lot of fun going to costco with my husband thinking about the days to come when we get caught at the register with a giant box of diapers and we laughed...but just for now this adventure was strictly business! They turned out to be a real success at the shower and I look forward to creating lots more because they are too much fun.

Yesterday started off with a Sushi love boat for lunch and a sweet drive to Silverlake. Took the scenic route down to Venice to check out a wine shop we had not been in a while. About 7 months ago when they had just opened we picked up a few bottles of wine we really loved. Came out with 2 bottles and walked over to Intelligentsia. We met up with our favorite barista and an hour later after 2 lattes and a creme brule we were good to go. The rest of the evening was spent outside our backyard enjoying the sweet taste of a summer wine.

Here are some pics from the event on Saturday...their colors were Tiffany blue and chocolate brown with a few green here and there. Their napkins were folded in the shape of diapers and the water bottles were made to look as baby bottles.