Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ahoy!! Belay yer carousin' and haul on over me matey!!

I love pirates and of course they're way cooler than ninjas!! Even though its not "talk-like-a-pirate day" yet...why not use a few AAaarrr's in the middle of a conversation just for fun. My best friend and I thought that for some reason on St. Patricks day we should say AAAarrrr! I think we share a pirate gland somewhere in our brains! Recently I've been working on a pirate birthday package that will include a pirate ship centerpiece, invitation, food labels and goodie favor tags! It's going to be an addition to my current vintage style pirate banner and cupcake toppers so I'll be sharing those items as soon as I get them photographed. Also if you want to learn to speak pirate head on over to Mango Languages they are now offering a free on line course til June 30th!! Impress your fellow 'swashbucklers' Aaaarrr!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mermaid Real Party

It's a mellow rainy morning in Los Angeles today but that was not the case a few weeks ago for Elle's 4th birthday fun in the sea Mermaid theme party! This was no ordinary party - Anokhi contacted me at the beginning of the year with ideas about a party for her daughter and only a few months later we teamed up to create a version of my mermaid banner to fit her color scheme and match what she envisioned for the day. Anokhi sent along a picture for inspiration and when I opened my email there was this darling skirt which Elle would wear on her special day. I knew then that I would have to create something unique and special for her. I included her name at the end of the banner and created over 30 sea creature cupcake toppers among little mermaids that matched her banner. There were fish, crab, sea stars and sea horses! The details for this party are amazing. I LOVE how she incorporated the colors and the details of ocean life right on her backyard! Lots of sea stars among coral and even a seagull resting on a dock!! I know one day Elle will look back at these pictures and remember the sweetest day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy Mailing + Gorgeous Stamps

Lately I've been spending a lot of time at the post office! I think I've been going just about every other day for the past 3 months!! It's either me or my sweetie that graciously volunteers to drop off my packages :) The post office on La Palma Ave. in Buena Park is amazing! They have sweet staff, great hours - they close at 6pm and that's just perfect for me because I usually make it after a good hour of traffic. Just when I thought that people were using the post office less and's beginning to prove more of a myth! I always see lines of patrons with boxes, letters, and lots of odd shaped things and sorts. The clerks behind their desks do an awesome job!

While standing in line yesterday I saw the coolest poster of their Garden of Love stamp debuting May 19th! I thought one of those stamps would be a gorgeous complement on a floral summer party invite or garden wedding envelopes. Check it out! I think I will buy a few for inspiration. I purchased the Jazz stamps last month because my husband and I love jazz and I think I will use them to embellish some of our photos and ticket stubs we will be gathering from this summer upcoming shows. Go buy a few and send some snail mail love.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ladybug Real Party

I've been wanting to share this little cutie's 1st birthday party for a really long time! Alexa's ladybug party decorations were so much fun to create and her mom was super fantastic to work with. She contacted me thru my Etsy shop and we quickly got excited about planning for her daughter's 1st. She was so creative in all the little details she envisioned for her party and truly motivated me to create something special for her daughter. I created a jumbo version of my Ladybug birthday banner, Alexa's name banner, centerpieces that were inserted in candy jars, napkin holders, ladybugs that rested on her water goblets and leaf shaped seating cards! Her party was fun yet upscale with lots of candle light, roses and gorgeous lavender accents - major eye candy!!