Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm still here

Sorry I've been out of the loop for the past week. It's been rough this last week. My husbands aunt passed away last Tuesday and it's been an emotional roller coaster since. She was an amazing woman and she'll live in our hearts forever. To make things more intense at home, my mom had a fall down her stairs and fractured her clavicle and dislocated her shoulder! I'm praying she recovers soon and we can get back on track. On Friday I sat down and made a card because I was feeling sad and I wanted to cheer up a bit. I kept thinking how lucky I feel to cherish daily life with the ones I love. I couldn't imagine giving that up for the world. I made a Lucky card and here is what I came up with.

I hope everyone is having a good week and I look forward to catching up with everyone's blogs and wonderful creations out there. I think I'll craft tonight after I make some hush puppies for my husband...he had told me a while back he wanted some for Fat Tuesday so I think I'll surprise him. Thanks for visiting me today...have a lovely rest of the week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I got nominated!

Thanks Rosanne for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger award. I will share my info before I pass it on. So sweet of you Rosanne thanks!!! :)

7 things I did before
studied at UCLA
lived with my parents
commuted to work for 10 full minutes
diet more often
read more often
spent money on shoes

7 things I do now
play with my Cricut
make handmade cards
commute to work for 1hour 45 min (on a good day)
work 2 full time jobs
decorate my home
7 things I want to do
Take another cruise
Go back to school
finish remodeling our place
get a sellers permit in my city
save more money
get a dog
keep in touch with my old friends more

7 people I nominate for this award

You make my heart sing & eye candy

Since I'm back and feeling refreshed from our cruise I wanted to quickly get back to my scrappin! I saw the beautiful sketch at 2sketches4you and decided to give this one a try. I used some scraps from my adorable Splendid papers from Fancy Pants. I used pop up dots to raise the scalloped frame and used this lovely little birdie tag and added some stickles and mini pearls to it. I can't remember where I got this ribbon from but I've been wanting to use it for a long time now and I think I finally made a card where it would fit! I hope the girls like it! You must check out everyones creations...they are amazing every week!!

Also I wanted to share the Eye Candy of my sweet and awesome husband! Hardworking, romantic, attentive and most encouraging...I love you sweetie pie! This is him waiting for me at the altar. Thanks Kazan and Laura for such fun eye candy! Have a happy Valentine's day with your handsome husbands!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have a card to share with you's the first card I made after coming back from our cruise. Being in love with a wonderful man is what makes me enjoy life and everything surrounding it. I saw a lot of aqua while I was on vacation...the crystal clear water, the skies, the colors of beautiful houses at Nevis all inspired me.

You know what else inspires me? The kindest of messages I received on my etsy this morning! A very talented photographer and jewelry maker Jenipher has a wonderful blog and the sweetest style of jewelry at her etsy shop CherryRunWay. Check it out!

What inspires you?

Friday, February 6, 2009

I almost forgot!!

I've been tagged!!! Most talented Donna has tagged me!! If you haven't visited her blog wow you are for a real treat...her work is amazing and her cards are jaw dropping. I drool over her beautiful work every time! Well I was to look at my 6th picture folder and post my 6th picture. Here it goes:

This is a picture of my husband and I after a busy weekends work. We are still in our uniforms and we stopped by for dinner at San Antonio Winery. (we wear blue uniforms now) We are huge wine lovers and this local winery is just around downtown! It's funny because Donna and I have something else in common!!! :) I love this was about 3 years ago and I had saved it in my "wedding" picture folder because at this winery we had our rehearsal lunch and all we kept talking about was planning our wine theme wedding which then turned out a complete success.

Thanks brought back a really sweet memory and thanks for visiting my blog!! HUGS!

Back and Jazzed up!

Hi everyone! Thank you for all your sweet comments on our voyage and I missed you all very much! My husband and I had the most amazing 2nd honey moon...I really didn't want to come back!! There are sooo many memories of beautiful places, amazing people from all over the world and of course the was fantastic!! I will never forget this trip! I will post a few pictures for you and I can't wait to get back into the swing of crafting and making cards. I have to confess...I didn't think about my cricut until day 7 of our cruise (blush) but now I just can't wait to get my hands on it :)

This is our ship the Westerdam of Holland America cruise liners. It is beautifully parked at their private island Half Moon Cay. The most gorgeous beach I have ever seen. The sand...I swear is not sand is pancake mix!!

This is the cutest little spa and resort at Nevis island in the Bahamas. I think this is where Martha Stewart got her punchies ideas!! The houses are adorable right on a the beach.

If you look closely you'll see why this beach is called "Shell Beach" it has over 690 billion shells!! no sand just was stunning! This is at St. Barth island and boy was it expensive but absolutely beautiful!

This is a view of El Morro in San Juan Puerto Rico and it is as gorgeous far and near. The views from this tranquil little old town is amazing.

I will post more pictures next week...I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!!! HUGS