Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beach Wedding and BABY Card!

My husband's medic partner got married on Saturday at beautiful Santa Barbara! When I got the invite I was jumping for joy because I llooove Santa Barbara and the Los Olivos area. We drove up early enough to catch some wine tasting at our favorite vineyard Mosby and made it just in time back down to SB for the beach ceremony at the Fess Parker Hilton Inn at 4pm. It was a real sweet ceremony with butterflies and roses. Their colors were blues with lavenders...real pretty! We had a lovely time at the reception as well. The hall was gorgeous and I would to stay at this hotel next time we drive up! For a minute I teared up as we danced to the Look of Love by Diana Krall which was our first dance at our wedding :) Here are some pics of the wedding oh and I'm also including my take on this weeks 2s4y sketch! Hope you are having a lovely week. HUGS!

The Sand Ceremony

Sweetie looking around

LOOOVE the parasols for weddings!

Nautical 5 tier cake...mmmm was delish!

Our beautiful table

Seating cards/stars

Did I mention I love sea stars??!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweetie Pie

The sweetest of pet names are sometimes awkwardly pronounced in the isles of supermarkets, parking lots, movie theatres...etc. I always giggle when I hear a couple calling out their partner by their pet name. I mostly hear the common ones like "babe" or "sweetie" or "honey" but I find it amusing when you catch a couple so comfortable in public that they just don't know how silly and cheesy they appear to the common eye. A few that just made me flat out laugh out loud were these: skittle lips, juicybox boy, midget, tushee tush, pancake, stanky and butt-butt and I love it when it goes something like "hey tushee tush we forgot to grab toothpaste!" lol but in the spirit of sweetness and not being afraid to say it...I'll share mine with yours! We are "tickles and pickles" you figure out who is who...but to be safe in public we usually just call out "sweetie pie!" What pet name do you have?

Monday, August 3, 2009

The beauty of dreams

or the lack of...I've been staying up pretty late these past couple of weeks. I've always had funny sleeping patterns but now that my husband is working crazy hours of the night...I find myself wondering around the house not sleepy at all! On Saturday...or better yet Sunday morning my husband got home around 3:30am! I was bright awake...I had been crafting and watching random movie after movie! I stepped outside in our driveway and he was so surprised to see me out there...we chatted for a few. We realized its past 4am and we are so glad we have a chance to see each other. Well we decided while we're up why not have breakfast at one of our favorite diners in Long Beach. We drive out there only to find out they open at 6:30am...we were bit early! We drove back...went to bed and got up way after noon to homemade eggs, waffles and bacon for brunch! lol There is certain beauty in staying up late waiting for your man to get home but waking up next to him after a morning of sweet dreams is much better!
Here is my card for this week at 2S4Y Hope you enjoy your week and believe in the beauty of your dreams.