Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mermaid Real Party

It's a mellow rainy morning in Los Angeles today but that was not the case a few weeks ago for Elle's 4th birthday fun in the sea Mermaid theme party! This was no ordinary party - Anokhi contacted me at the beginning of the year with ideas about a party for her daughter and only a few months later we teamed up to create a version of my mermaid banner to fit her color scheme and match what she envisioned for the day. Anokhi sent along a picture for inspiration and when I opened my email there was this darling skirt which Elle would wear on her special day. I knew then that I would have to create something unique and special for her. I included her name at the end of the banner and created over 30 sea creature cupcake toppers among little mermaids that matched her banner. There were fish, crab, sea stars and sea horses! The details for this party are amazing. I LOVE how she incorporated the colors and the details of ocean life right on her backyard! Lots of sea stars among coral and even a seagull resting on a dock!! I know one day Elle will look back at these pictures and remember the sweetest day.

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