Monday, July 13, 2009

A sweet baby shower

My God this weekend was amazing! Hot hot weather just the way I love it and a sweet success to savor. It all started on Saturday morning when I delivered 4 diaper cakes to a client at a baby shower happening off Mulholland Dr. I got a call about 2 weeks ago from a classy lady that wanted to use them as center pieces for an elegant affair. I was a little nervous making these because I knew they'd be the center of attention but I went with a couple of themes that worked out really well. I made a jungle, sports, duckie and a frog theme diaper cakes! I had a lot of fun going to costco with my husband thinking about the days to come when we get caught at the register with a giant box of diapers and we laughed...but just for now this adventure was strictly business! They turned out to be a real success at the shower and I look forward to creating lots more because they are too much fun.

Yesterday started off with a Sushi love boat for lunch and a sweet drive to Silverlake. Took the scenic route down to Venice to check out a wine shop we had not been in a while. About 7 months ago when they had just opened we picked up a few bottles of wine we really loved. Came out with 2 bottles and walked over to Intelligentsia. We met up with our favorite barista and an hour later after 2 lattes and a creme brule we were good to go. The rest of the evening was spent outside our backyard enjoying the sweet taste of a summer wine.

Here are some pics from the event on Saturday...their colors were Tiffany blue and chocolate brown with a few green here and there. Their napkins were folded in the shape of diapers and the water bottles were made to look as baby bottles.

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AYUMI said...

Those are great!!! Wow, who knew diapers could look so good!