Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not too late!

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I have been very stressed all month but today I find myself more at peace. Thanksgiving was truly wonderful this year...just so much to be thankful for and having my mom, dad and Jorge next to me was a real blessing. Earlier this month someone whom I love so much was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. A series of events followed that news...trips to the hospital, an 8 hour surgery, a scary recovery and therapy and just when I was exhausted from worrying my prayers were answered. The day before Thanksgiving we got the news that the cancerous tumor had need eradicated and finally tears of happiness came. I couldn't be happier and so thankfull for all the support I got from Jorge, my coworkers and my best friend when I broke out crying in the middle of the cafeteria. So I look forward to continuing my focus in school, my business and best of all enjoying the company of my family and close friends. I can't wait for Christmas!!

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