Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone is having a fun Halloween! I can't believe how fast this month just flew by. What's everyone up to...are you throwing a fabulous party? trick or treatin' with the kiddies? or just passing out candy?? HHhhhmm if you're still searching for inspiration check out these table get ups for tonight. If you get a chance check out for some really cool ideas in party decor! Just beautiful parties.

So yesterday I was having a really bad "traffic day" yes I know it sounds pathetic but I get those every now and then. I was so irritated sitting in the car for 2 hours going home because usually it only takes me an hour to an hour and half. But the point is that when I got home Jorge had the sweetest surprise for me. I had been talking about how we weren't able to decorate for Halloween or really celebrate since our house is still undergoing a makeover. Well...I got home to the most beautiful arrangement Jorge had to put together for me. He put up Halloween lights around our bare window and gave me the cutest pair of earrings with a matching orange rose in a little box he decorated himself with stickers! It totally made my day and there's more....he also got a cake decorated with a haunted house and he wrote "to our future home...when finished" so by next year we should be able to decorate as much as we want!! I love my man!

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