Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yikes! Popcorn!!

I was sooo nervous about removing our popcorn ceiling from our living room!! Now I'm delighted!!! I can't tell you enough how completely ugly that thing was. Of course we totally started backwards because we really should have held off on painting the walls last month before we decided to remove the popcorn. Oh well...we just had to be extra careful and the plastic covering all around really helped!! Jorge and I got our complete outfits with masks, gloves, and gowns and got the job done! I couldn't be happier seeing it all drop to the ground! This is a super messy job but super worth it. If you are interested in this DIY project here are some tips:

1) Check for asbestos...just fork out the $50 and send it to your local Asbestos Testing Lab. The LA and OC lab is

2) Don't over soak your popcorn or else you're going to wet the underlining paper and that's not good because then you'll have to do a lot of patch work.

3) Have fun! After all who doesn't have fun with a water sprayer?!! :P

Well hope you enjoy the pics....

BTW...I didn't get a chance to do ANY cards last night because of all the madness but I think tonight I'm just going to sit and relax and get some cards done under my smooth ceiling :)

Here we are preping the room. We taped heavy duty nylon covers all over our nicely painted walls. We used the soft kind of blue tape so when we remove it won't chip off the paint.

On the floors we bought this cool canvas covering used for painting that covered a huge part of the carpet. It is recommended that you use paper so you can roll it up and discard it but this worked well too.

Here is half way of the job done!! It was real easy to scrap it off hardly any effort.

I will post some more pics after we sand and prime it :)

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