Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall is here!

My favorite weather season is definitely Summer but I LOVE Fall! I'm looking forward to Halloween, pumpkin pie with my sweetie, that early morning chill and I can't wait for gorgeous October moons. I've been awol from my blog and my etsy shop due to crazy hectic non stop studying! With hardly any available time I really cannot handle any more orders than the ones I'm currently working on. I did manage to start a little something for our home! Yes I never get to craft much for our home but this year I'm starting very early and slowly working on a few Halloween items like a banner, a door hanger and a few decorations here and there. At least we can have something festive to look at while we study! I got a sweet message this morning from Jenn over at BrideFinds an awesome site with lots and lots of ideas for future brides. They feature great finds from Etsy sellers and focus on unique handmade items for ceremony and reception. I've been lucky to be included on their great finds for a Halloween Themed Wedding! My eerie silhouette cupcake toppers are featured among many awesome items that are cleverly chosen for a wonderful and elegant event as a wedding!

image via BrideFinds

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