Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend at the Hollywood Bowl

So far a sweet 10 year tradition with my sweetie is the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. It was Saturday June 16th 2001- our official first date! We showed up with a 6" Subway sub and 2 bottles of water for an entire 9 hour jazz show under the sun! There was jazz, laughter, hand holding and at the end of a fabulous day - a kiss. We had no idea the Hollywood bowl would become so dear to our hearts year after year. It's an event we prepare for weeks - from the time we camp outside of the bowl after midnight (this year we showed up at 10pm!) to purchase our tickets to the weekend it's happening! It's grown to a full blown caravan of coolers, picnic basket, wine totes, and so much fun. This year I decided to use my Hollywood Bowl picnic under the stars cook book for a cold salmon and dill/cucumber sauce recipe that is super tasty! I paired it with a fresh butter lettuce, shrimp and caramelized walnut salad - it was amazing! Jorge chose a Traminer from Mosby winery straight out of our cellar that brought out the flavors of the salmon so well! The weekend was a blast, we met lots of nice people that were there to party and enjoy the day just like us.

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