Monday, April 12, 2010

Fab Sunday

I want to share a little more of the project I told you about on my last post. It all began with the idea of exposure. Just like thousands of Etsians out there...we make these beautiful items that take hours to make using an endless list of tools and techniques, most working at wee hours of the night because we already have a full time job...or two! We try to stay on top of whats the latest and whats trendy in our industry and then after our "gem" is beautifully done we try to target those people that love what we've done with our hands and hope they buy it!

Well its really not easy to do. Truth of the matter is I've learned that there is a lot more to Etsy than amazing listings and the people behind their product. The way we communicate via a conversation message with some one from another city, state or country is our true window to the world. The fact that someone reached out and told you they love your work and are willing to buy is an amazing feeling. To have someone add your item to their favorites is more than rewarding.

It is why many of us are constantly looking for ways to Jazz up our Etsy store and I've noticed through blogs and tips that most exposure relies a lot on photography. "What is beautiful is appealing"...that's a given. In photography creativity flows and transmits uniqueness and beauty to whatever it is on the other side of that lens. So I started thinking I need to find something appealing to my items on my shop and well...great photography is my hope! As I've mentioned before my friend Ayumi is a fabulous photographer and a coworker and we often (ok more like daily) spend at least 20 minutes talking about weddings, crafts, sewing, packaging tape, cards, blogs, photoshop, crepe flowers and the list just goes on and on...We decided we would do a photoshoot using my wedding invitations and models! Yes I also work with 2 gorgeous girls that are my students and were more than willing to participate on our shoot. Both Grace and Teo have young, inspiring and beautiful faces that will perhaps not get you to run out and get married so you can purchase one of my wedding invites....BUT...will definitely make you click and appreciate both human and craft beauty. These are a couple of back stage photos but plenty of more to come...

Teo and Ayumi early Sunday morning at LACMA

Grace and Ayumi steps of LACMA

These lights that once lit up famous streets of Los Angeles are now
a gorgeous display that light up at night until dawn (6:30am to be exact!!)

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