Monday, March 29, 2010


My friend just thought me a new word! Apparently I've been so crazy over how beautiful Cherry blossoms look around my neighborhood. Almost every day at sunset I drive by this beautiful park in Cerritos that's filled with cherry blossoms and the light shows off the darkness of the branches and the hues of white and pink tops. The park is an amazing inspiration and I always picture an elegant and simple wedding venue so I felt inspired to create a wedding invitation with the "Sakura" theme! I used soft shades of pink and a delicate diecut of a Cherry blossom branch for this 6x6 invitation. My professional photographer Ayumi was sweet enough to photograph my invite! She also lives near a Sakura filled park!! she kidnapped my invite for the weekend and came back with the most amazing pictures! She is extremely talented and if you are ever looking for fun and modern pictures of you or your family you have to check her out! I'm super thrilled to be working with her on a project I will soon give you more details of...but for now let me share our work!

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