Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Escape

Lots going on this month for me! I've been swamped with orders and things to do at home. I've been spending a lot of time sorting and organizing my craft room. We are getting ready to remodel that entire room and I have to take out every thing out!! It's a little scary but I can't wait to have that room's going to look beautiful. We started thinking of colors for the walls and we'll be setting the floors soon.

So aside from that...Jorge and I had a really sweet valentine's day. We are short on cash these days so we wanted to stay home but still celebrate in a special way. Since we got married we often use our "The Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook" and if you don't have this book in your collection you should definitely get it! Super delicious recipes for all occasions! We chose the Valentine's Day menu but changed up the dessert. It was Lamb Chops with Mint Sauce, Couscous with leeks, roasted asparagus and we added strawberry shortbread sweethearts!
We had so much fun and it was so romantic! We ate outside in our backyard where he had hung heart lights on our awning. It really makes me feel blessed of what we are able to do when we are together and how special our love truly is. I'm sharing some pictures of our shortbread sweethearts and my sweetie which are just delish!!


Kay said...

OMG! Jorge looks so cute. You guys are too cute!

vik said...

awww Judith i miss you guys! glad to see you guys are keepin the sparks flyin...hehehe

ayumi said...

Tag your it! :)