Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The 32 Blues

Thirties...are they really the new Twenties?? This morning as I stumbled out of bed feeling lethargic and almost hungover but not I thought I could definitely use some more sleep. A friend complained of similar sleepiness today and he said maybe its coffee withdrawal symptoms (we are both quitting coffee for a while) or it's the "32 blues"...and I thought we're supposed to be feeling better about our health and our bodies with better food options, new technology, reinvented workouts and so on and so on...but I'm definitely not ripping the benefits of all that goodness. I miss my body of 10 years ago!! I even find myself saying "oh I don't bend that way" which is funny/sad because I probably could 10 years ago! Well one of my goals this year is to be more conscious of my health...not gonna call it a resolution but just a new way of thinking. Like whatever I ingest better be something I like and its good for me. I won't eat just because I'm bored, or just because someone brought their homemade brownies to work, or for no reason at all I reach over to eat someone else's fries. I'm sure if I was to add up all that munchin' throughout the day the calories would start adding up!!

If I keep this up maybe by the middle of this year when another birthday comes around I will be embracing the "thirties are the new twenties" concept. There's hesitation now but I'm sure it'll begin to show if I stay positive!

Hope your day is Fabulous

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