Sunday, July 10, 2011

405 FWY Carmageddon GIVEAWAY

So if you live in California you know that next weekend is expected to be chaos in the West Side and hopefully not 30 miles and beyond! Well officials are advising people to stay home and avoid the streets all together. I say...have a nice mellow party!! I already ordered my NetFlix movies and got our UNO cards and Monopoly out and we're planning to relax and enjoy not going out for a change! I commute on the 405 at least 1.5 hours a day so it's really carmageddon on a daily basis if you ask me. Hopefully LA commuters really take the time to just take it easy for at least one weekend out of the year and see this 405 closure as a chance to enjoy our homes with our families.

I made some time to create a party kit to give away to one lucky Californian! It includes a fun "405 Carmageddon Party" banner, a set of 10 cupcake toppers of different types of automobiles, 4 small 405 interstate freeway signs to decorate your glasses and 2 decorative highways!! Just leave me a comment telling me what you plan on doing this coming weekend to avoid Carmageddon! I will pick a winner at random on Wednesday night! You must live in California to win!!


Anonymous said...

For Carmageddon, I'm going to walk to my friend's place for a 90's party. We're going to listen to Pearl Jam, watch Pete and Pete, and drink Zimas.
-David Benitez

Ayumi said...

I love it!!! so flipping cute! We're actually heading out of town for a family function but figured it's nice timing to avoid all the chaos down here that may or may not occur!

BHT said...

Carmageddon is a once in a lifetime experience that I wouldn't want to miss. I'm going to be right there on the freeway with a van full of music equipment to enjoy every minute of it!!
-Jane Greely

Unknown said...

Going to Catalina to stay at a Boy Scout Camp. No traffic there!

Tala said...

omg i love this !! how do i win it?? love love love !! let me know please, thank you :)

Tala said...

sorry i just reread the post. I will be having a carmageddon bbq with your awesome decorations and YOU ARE INVITED :D
I live in Calabasas ... :)

Noel Gutierrez said...

Hey Judith!
I will spend this weekend with my parents... they only leave their house to visit the local supermarket. Hopefully there will be a marathon of American Pickers on History Channel this weekend. If so then we are all set.