Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long time no see!

I've been totally neglecting my blog! I miss it and have it in the back of my head to update but I just never get around to it! No more excuses...just been overwhelmingly busy. I did a couple of craft shows that went really well and I was so excited about! I have another one coming up next month so I should probably start getting ready for it. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week!! yikes! Time is just flying by ssoo fast!

I realized that I haven't even blogged about my new etsy shop!! wow! It's EMTsweeetieWeddings yup EMTsweeetie officially went bridal! This way I can separate my cards and goods from my wedding invites, programs and such! I'm excited about a lot of people looking at my stuff and hopefully little by little it'll take off. I hope to meet lots of new brides and grooms out there looking for something special and handmade!

So I've been busy making Fall cards and of course Christmas cards....lots of them! I thought I'd be bored by now but I just keep wanting to use all of my Christmas goodies I can't help myself!!

So here are a few I have to share because they're my favorites :)
Hope you're having an awesome fall and looking forward to the holidays!

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