Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Wine Affair

There are times when I sit back and think of the greatest moments I've shared with the ones I love and how traditions have been established and now I can't imagine living without. Looking back I realized how I've grown next to my husband and the things we do to keep our love alive. Whether it is watching tv sitting on the carpet or enjoying a glass of wine deciding what it reminds us of. We think of how wine was the inspiration to many of our trips when we were dating and of course our wedding. The beautiful vineyard affair in the middle of Downtown LA in the middle of June! We incorporated a sweet tradition that evolved into a theme and it was truly us. I love it when couples come together to create an event that reflects their personalities, likings and little traditions they have picked up here and there.

For a while now I've been wanting to create a vineyard or wine theme wedding invitation for a couple that shares our love for the grape. I wanted to get some inspiration and wanted to flip thru a few inspirational boards or create one of my own but I came around to finding one of the sweetest surprises. I googled under images "wine and cheese theme weddings" and guess what the first picture is?!!! A picture of us cutting our wedding cake!! Our bakery Rosebuds collected pictures of all their favorite cakes for their Anniversary gallery! It was a sweet surprise that after all the searching I had done...I found inspiration very close to my heart. We drew out what we wanted our wedding cake to look like. We knew we wanted it to be unique and delicious and they delivered just that! Everything on this cake was edible except for the natural was fabulous...they took our drawing, made it perfect and wonderful for our wine theme wedding :)

So with all that in mind...On to my recent creation...this is what I came up with. I used a Kraft box to hold an elegant yet rustic invitation for a vineyard affair. A double pearlescent cardstock is printed with an outline of beautiful grapes and tied with a deep plum silk ribbon. I have also tossed 2 unique corks for a little more texture.

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AYUMI said...

It's as beautiful in person as in the photos! Love this invite!! and even more, the two of you cutting your cake!