Monday, November 10, 2008

Starting to finally feel like a new season

I'm happy to say it was a very windy and chilly weekend but in a pleasant kind of way. I cuddled and even got a chance to prepare some Christmas cards. I wanted a few to show you today. I know I promised one for Friday but just didn't get around to posting :( I'll make it up today!! I've been thinking about how I want to decorate my new office at work. We ordered furniture and we're finally getting a window!! I want to surround myself with pictures and lots of projects. Any ideas for office goodies I can alter?? I did order a rolodex and I'm going to alter it with tiny pictures and turn into a calendar. We'll come back to this another day soon...

So here are some more cards from an order I recently finished and mailed out! I can't wait for her to get them and I'm really hoping she will love them. I worked on different themes such as baby, birthday and anniversary.

I finally got to use my New Arrival cartridge and created this card for "A Star is Born" theme. I wanted it to be neutral but I think it came out more on the blues side. I think the touch of yellow might make less boyish...I don't know I hope it works for either baby boy or girl.

Remember how I mentioned that I'm just crazy over the Sassafras paper collections?! Well I couldn't help myself but to use this one for an Anniversary card. I used the Indie Art cartridge for the love birds which I layered so they could have a background. I didn't want to do much more with it since the paper is awesome!

I used lots of bling on this one and I just had to use the Indie Art cartridge for the ice cream! I love how its melting! cuteness. I also used the Accent Essentials cartridge for the lovely shaped lined tags.

And now for a little Christmas cheer!! I worked on these last night after a 38 hour shift in the field!!! I know I'm nuts but I couldn't stop thinking about how its the second week of November already!! Besides I actually got some sleep in the back of the ambulance yesterday. This weekend wasn't nearly as busy as Halloween weekend!!

I used the Stretch your imagination and the Joys of the Season cartridges for this card. I didn't want to use the traditional Christmas colors as I'm prepping to enter the Bitten By the Bug contest over at For this contest Regina asked that we use any Cricut cartridge to create a Christmas card without the traditional colors like the reds and greens typical of the holidays. I look forward to participating! There are unbelievably talented ladies over at Bitten by the Bug.

Aaww the joy of hanging stockings filled with goodies!!! Hhhmmm...this card has that theme exactly. I had lots of fun with this one! I used Joys of the Season and my George...again! lol

Ok so I love how the glistening little tree came out full of white snow! I bought this snow like stuff that comes in a little container and you're supposed to leave it on for a few hours to dry and WHOOAAaa...snow!! I'm blanking out on the name but if you e-mail me I'll be sure to look it up for you.

Well that's it for now. As always my great appreciation to all those that visit me! HUGS!!!


Nikki said...

These cards are awesome! I love the purples on the snowman card. Love them!

And the answer to your question, at least I think I know what your question is...on the mini marshmallows...those I did not make those I bought at the grocery store. The hot cocoa is homemade though. Was that your question?


Jamie Martin said...

Wow, you have been busy. All of your cards are super cute.
Yes it was really cold this weekend! It was nice to have a little chill in the air but Friday it's supposed to heat up again.