Monday, July 30, 2012

It's a Library Mustache Bash!

I'm loving this new line of goodies for a super fun and awesome baby shower! I've managed to have some time off despite the hectic summer to work on a few new items such as a little man banner, mustache cupcake toppers, centerpiece that can be used as a photo prop too and a sweet little man diaper cake among a simple inspiration of books and libraries! As many of you know Jorge and I are always surrounded by books and what better inspiration than a book theme mustache bash! I love the idea of combining a sort of new hipster look to a vintage environment such as a library for the perfect handsome and smart little man to come! This theme goes to all the young librarians and moms to be! I think the shoot was a success and again many thanks to Ayumi for being the woman behind the magical photos! Check out the eye candy!

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