Monday, May 14, 2012

May Madness!

Really sorry to have been away from my blog for so long. My life has been super busy and at many times difficult but whenever there's a death in our family it can really take me on a major roller coaster. I'm glad to say I feel a lot more energized and especially having my business blooming the way it is right now makes me feel truly blessed and frankly has kept me immensely occupied.  I look forward to the summer months spending lots of time with my family and friends. I have been working on some new party lines that I'm just not quite ready to shoot yet (still looking for the right props!) but as soon as I shoot I'll be sure to share them on my blog and of course they'll be available on my etsy shop. Since the weather has been so amazing these past couple of weeks I want to share a new "nautical baby shower" theme because I think it would be perfect for a May or June shower by the lake or beach! I created an It's a Boy banner to go along with the sailboat and anchor decorations using designer cardstock. A party cannot be complete without cupcakes and cake of course so I made sailboat, anchor and helm cupcake toppers to match the theme. Also just for fun and to tie it all together I created little blue whales that I can't get enough of how adorable they look!

Photography: - Ayumi
Strawberry shortcake: Paris Baguette - Cerritos, CA

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Anonymous said...

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