Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Staches of Fun to come!

I'm excited about the new year! I had a great break and the holidays were lots of fun but I'm relieved that they're gone and I don't have to think about Christmas for another 11 months!! Every January I get really motivated and excited about what's yet to come and how the year is going to pan out...but I think that lately I've been thinking a lot of what I'm thankful for. I've been reflecting how on a day to day basis we touch the lives of other people and the impact we cause whether we think its minimal or grand. Year after year I thank God for having a wonderful and supportive husband and I can't be thankful enough for our love and our home. I want to make sure that I show those I love how they have touched my life and how very thankful I am of that! I don't want to call it a new year's resolution because it's not something I want to cross off a's something I truly feel inside.

And since part of the new year has been about starting up something new and feeling creative I want to share some fun new crafts that we had lots of fun over the holidays with!! The mustaches on a stick!! I'm going to have an awesome time scrapbooking all the fun pictures we took! Take a look at the new designs!

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