Monday, June 7, 2010

Party Frenzy!

It's party weather isn't it!?! My birthday was last week and for some reason it's always been my official start of summer and the time when I look forward to warm nights under the stars, outdoor music festivals, wine and lots of BBQs in our backyard! I've been just crazy over party banners lately! Can't get enough of how cute they are hanging from my wall and swaying back and forth in the light summer wind. I was at the UCLA 30th annual Luau a couple of weeks back and absolutely loved the hula dancers and the flowers and it inspired me to create a hula theme party celebration kit! I picture the cutest outfits and the freshest of pineapples being served at a lovely little girls birthday party. And for me well it also makes me wish I was in Hawaii but this summer our pool will most likely suffice our splashing cravings. My awesome photographer and friend Ayumi shot some pictures of my work and of course she makes them look so awesome I can't believe I made them!

On another note isn't there something totally adorable about owls?! I know hoots are just the cutest thing right now! And since I'm in a total party frenzy mood I did an owl party kit too!! Whhooo is having so much fun? Me! Hahaha! Ok maybe I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

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